LeBron James has swayed the NBA for better or worse

LeBron James has swayed the NBA for better or worse

février 21, 2022 0 Par Wigisport

Later, when LeBron James stood among so many of the NBA’s greatest players in its 75 years, only a few could relate to being the face of the game.

One by one, they all played a part in molding the game into what it is: the texture, the depth and even its warts. But being an ambassador is something different.

Carrying the torch of what the NBA is currently and aims to be in the future is almost as tough a task as saving a franchise, or resurrecting one, or assimilating into one — and James has done all three while being “That Guy.”

“I’ve held that title of ambassador,” James said. “Nobody told me to do it, but I felt like if I wasn’t gonna do it, who was gonna do it? So I took that responsibility, and I’ll continue to do it till I’m done playing the game.”

He’s the game’s biggest name, even if he’s no longer the game’s best player — being usurped by those one could say were influenced by his style.

He still commands any room he’s in, he drives all the conversation and even through his missteps, the NBA world is so irresistibly drawn to him.

It won’t last forever, even though it seems his greatness is indefatigable. He’ll walk away or the game will usher him away.

James opened the door to yet another return to Cleveland over the weekend, ensuring the requisite reaction — equal parts eye rolls and intrigue.

Like that gorgeous ex whose call you’ll always take no matter how many times you’ve been loved and left, talking about him is so alluring even when it’s exhausting.