Aaron Rodgers Getting Criticized For Being Too ‘Safe’

Aaron Rodgers Getting Criticized For Being Too ‘Safe’

février 21, 2022 0 Par Wigisport

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is now being criticized for something new.

The Packers have fallen short for another year in the Rodgers era and longtime Packers writer Bob McGinn thinks it might be Rodgers playing it too safe.

“Rodgers for years has played a careful, calculating game understanding that the number of interceptions plays a disproportionate, nonsensical role in the passer-rating formula,” McGinn said. “Bad interceptions are, well, bad. Then there are interceptions that are the cost of doing business for unselfish, competitive, stats-immune quarterbacks battling to make plays and lead comebacks until the bitter end. When a quarterback, especially one with a powerful, usually accurate arm like Rodgers, deliberately minimizes chances to deliver a big play for fear of an interception, that’s just hurting his team.”

“In the playoff game, a modest talent like Jimmy Garoppolo was under every bit as much pass-rush pressure as Rodgers but drilled more tight-window completions down the field largely because he wasn’t afraid of a pick and the moment.”

For reference, Rodgers finished the playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers with 225 yards and no touchdowns or interceptions.

With how the 49ers’ defense was playing, he looked scared to throw it down the field. It was a sharp contrast from their regular-season meeting when Rodgers threw for 261 yards and two touchdowns in a 30-28 Packers victory.

If Rodgers does decide to come back for another year, he’ll have to be more aggressive when his season is on the line.